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Our recruitment process:

  1. Take a thorough job order- Here we not only gather the technical details of what you need, but also explore the soft skills and personality fit. – right fit
  2. Research- Our recruiting team will next do extensive research on your company culture, history and recent initiatives in order to put together a profile of your ideal candidate. – right fit
  3. Prequalify candidates- Here we will tap into our vast network of candidates using our proprietary applicant tracking system to match candidates to your company profile and have the technical and soft skills you need. All candidates in our database have already been interviewed and have completed references, this allows us to move faster than our competition. – speed
  4. Qualify and Present- Here we gather all pre-qualified candidates and perform a second round of interviews that are specific to your open sales position and introduce the top 2 or 3 candidates. – options
  5. Regular Quality Checks- We will follow up with the candidate and the candidate’s supervisor on their first day, end of the week, weekly and than bi-weekly to make sure that our candidate is exceeding expectations and that you are fully satisfied. – communication
  6. Future Business- We strive to exceed your expectations in order to earn your future business as you grow your company. If we exceeded your expectations, please refer us to those in your network that are looking for top quality sales people or for a career change!